Thursday, February 26, 2009

Literally Speechless


I'm not quite sure how to explain it, but a wave of stress and lightheadedness has washed over me after seeing obama's new budget proposal...its $3.6 trillion...

All of this after he spoke to Congress on tuesday night about FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY!!!!!!!

At this point, I'm not looking to make much sense about all of this in my blog entry. I don't care what people say about how I need to come up with a better argument or reach across the aisle. I'm literally left speechless, and quite angry. There is a $410 billion bill that is being passed that has millions in it for things that LITERALLY DO NOTHING TO HELP THE ECONOMY. I've had a crazy stressful week catching up with school work after a nasty stomach virus, so if I had the time right now I would list all of these ridiculous programs that will be funded by my future tax dollars.

If obama wants to spend all the money that I haven't even made yet, I've got a huge problem with that. Dreams of owning a home someday? Not so sure on that one in the current moment. The lease on my Jetta is up this July and after I buy it and pay it off, I don't foresee ever getting a different car before I'm 35....all this after I was going to save up to pay cash for an Audi at that age. I'm not going to be able to save, because in order to pay for all the crap that's being passed in washington, they are going to have to raise my taxes.

And please, don't tell me that isn't going to happen. Please tell me another way that we can pay for it. We're going to have to print most of it because, guess what? CHINA WON'T LET US BORROW ANYMORE!!!! HOORAY!!! And good for them....because we as a nation are pathetic. Sending Hillary Clinton over there and having her beg them to buy our treasury bonds. Its really pathetic...and I'm embarrassed.

Look, everything I'm saying is not repeating what I hear from my fellow GOP members...I cringed at Bobby Jindal's rebuttal on tuesday night to obama's state of the nation address. Stories about hurricane Katrina and grocery shopping with his dad? Talk about ammo for the liberal left! I'm embarrassed by someone in my own party. So what does that make me, an independent? I'm not sure anymore. I'm a fiscal and social conservative. These are my opinions, and I don't rely on anyone in the mainstream media to tell me what to think.

Because my blood is currently boiling, and I need to discuss something more comical, I would like to talk about the workout Nancy Pelosi got on tuesday night as she jumped up and down at obama's every word. ESPECIALLY at the SCHIP part about child healthcare. I thought she was going to rocket herself into outer space with how fast she shot up out of her chair. As Dennis Miller put it, she looked like a seal at Sea World coming out of the water. I found it disturbing that I had to look at obama, biden, and pelosi all at the same time on my television screen. With nancy's eyes bulging and biden's absent looks, i thought that what was happening on tv wasn't real! But alas, I wasn't dreaming. I'm sure Harry Reid was wishing he too could join the screen shot mafia.

And...that's all for right now. Everything I just wrote may make me wildly unpopular, and I didn't use any facts to present an argument. This entry is not an argument, it is pure opinion, and what most people would call a rant. If anything, it was simply so I could get out in words how I'm feeling. When I'm finished with all this school work, I'll come back with something better.

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